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Over 30 years ago Manuel and Debi Santos dedicated their lives to the Lord. Their dedication to Him and His people as pastors has manifested itself in a variety of ways over the years. Their service to the Lord has ranged from mission trips, to hosting a weekly bible study in their home, to more recently, as Pastors of Upper Room Christian Fellowship.

Early on in Manuel’s walk with the Lord, he was asked all the time if he was a “pastor” because of his knowledge of the Lord. Manuel began to read, study and share the Word of God with others as soon as he was saved. The Lord has always manifested Himself to Manuel in a simple, clear and black and white manner. Whenever he is able to share the revelations of the Lord with others, hearts are illuminated to the love and wisdom of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Manuel and Debi have the gift of hospitality and of making any and everyone feel loved and valued. People feel like they are a part of their family and this has given them the opportunity to minister to a variety of people.

Pastors Manuel and Debi have a heart for the city of Upland. They have served and honored the city’s homeless population by providing food and pastoral services to their friends at Memorial Park. They have hosted a monthly

Sunday afternoon lunch

for years and have more recently been asked by the city to partner with them in serving the homeless of Upland.

The 5 core values of our church are birthed out of their passion for others to increase in the knowledge of the Lord and of the kingdom of God. They have equipped many brothers and sisters in the Lord through their desire to get people turned on for God and to become self motivated to daily walk with Him. They have a desire to see His kingdom come and for it to be manifested on earth through the lives of His people.

Pastors Manuel and Debi were given the revelation that as a church we should honor the power of faith and what it does in our hearts, minds, church, city and nation. They believe if we model ourselves after Christ Jesus and set Him as our watermark, then nothing will be impossible for us.